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Hi, I am Alessandra aka Alessroby!

My yoga journey started after I struggled to lose my pregnancy weight. All my life, my weight stayed around 50k but after I had my first child, I ballooned to 100kg. Sadly, with my weight doubling, my bone structure could not support what I had put on and my energy level was no longer the same. As a new mum to my first born, the last thing I wanted was to struggle with my health while raising this wonderful being. Additionally, I come from a family that have hereditary health issues. Therefore, I needed to make a conscious lifestyle improvement in order to not increase a risk to my health but find ways that will work for me to be fit, healthy and raise my child. 

After spending a vast number of months researching various fitness activities, I have found yoga to be my saviour! I started seeing the benefits of yoga early on and my fitness level started to increase gradually over time. Prior to yoga, I had never done any form of movement I could barely touch my toes. Someone once told me my father’s side must be more dominant hence the two left feet! 

After enrolling into Yoga and completing my first class, I was walking on air; I felt as though I simply floated back to my house and my sudden thought was filled with “I want more of this” and sure enough it soon became my additional fulfilment to my existence in life! My love for yoga added with my commitment and apparent results shaded off all the extraweight and I was back in shape with no added pressure but on the journey to contentment

About Us

Before becoming a yoga instructor, I practiced Ashtanga yoga every day at home or in a studio. Although I work full time, I was committed to make time for my practice at home and the studio,while figuring out how to separate myself from only identifying as a mum and have something more to give as a woman. I was perusing this dream whilst doing everything else in parallel including raising my amazing son. 

When I started to include yoga in my everyday life , I slowly begun to notice a few things that I have not paid attention to in the past, I was able to deal with my work and at homethrough better rational calm mind-set while cultivating gratitude and positive energy. .  In reflection, I was initially interested in yoga to regain my fitness and become a healthy mother. However, the road it has been taking me somehow created this feeling there is more to my practice than my health. I felt a calling in my heart that I should also serve. 


This initial realisation started to emerge after noticing that I was the only person from a different walk of life and curvy with a hair that was going curly with every sweat. Looking around my class almost instantly made me feel out of place. As the saying goes “if you can’t fit in stand out” made me decide to own and embrace my unique path and become a yoga teacher instead. I felt in my heart that my new yoga filled path will inspire and show the world that irrespective of your body type and background, yoga is for everybody and that is how it all started. This is me!

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