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Hi, I am Alessandra

Discover Your Inner Bliss at Barre Bliss Yoga

My yoga journey started after I struggled to lose my pregnancy weight. All my life, my weight stayed around 50k but after I had my first child, I ballooned to 100kg.


Sadly, with my weight doubling, my bone structure could not support what I had put on and my energy level was no longer the same. As a new mum to my first born, the last thing I wanted was to struggle with my health while raising this wonderful being. 

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Our Services


Stream Classes

Join our fitness community and experience the inner strength that comes from our high-quality Stream Classes. Our live and on demand classes will enliven your body and provide an addictive joy and fiery heat that will leave you feeling amazing. Don't miss out on the fitness experience of a lifetime!

Private Classes

Our Private Classes are the perfect way to get individualised attention and support, whether in-person or virtual. With our highly qualified and experienced trainers, you can be assured of a comprehensive and personalised fitness experience that will help you reach your goals. 

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Monthly Events

Join us for our monthly events and be part of our growing community of wellness enthusiasts. At our gatherings, we celebrate each other and share our love for wellness through fun activities and a catch-up. It's a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, make new friends, and support each other on our wellness journey.

Watching Aless's yoga video on mobility was an enlightening experience. Aless's soothing voice and clear instructions guided me through a series of poses designed to improve flexibility and range of motion. What stood out the most was Aless's attention to detail in each movement, emphasising proper alignment and mindful breathing.  Each movement felt purposeful and effective in promoting greater mobility and ease of movement.

I highly recommend giving Aless's videos a try. They're a wonderful way to nurture your body and cultivate a deeper connection to yourself through the practice of yoga.


Thank you Aless x Jamie Spooner


Real People, Real Results with Barre Bliss

Discover Balance and Harmony with Barre Bliss Yoga

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